Tantra Goddess

Para Tan Yoni Puja:

Ancient Ritual from the World’s Oldest Living Goddess Tradition

With The Father of Para Tan: Shri Param Eswaran
For women only, $216
May 31st & June 1st
10:30am to 6:30pm daily

IFC Mahavidya temple USA

Harrison Maine (207) 515-0733

Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Param Eswaran!

Greetings and Salutations Divine Beings,

Once more it is my great pleasure and honor to share yet another amazing experience with The Father of Para Tan, Master of the Living Goddess Tradition, Shri Param Eswaran. I type these words from IFC Mahavidya temple USA where we are currently undergoing the 5th day of the 7 Day Para Tan, Mayan Mid-Light Sound Healing Intensive. Yesterday the Divine Mother graced us all with Her presence during a beautiful, touching, and powerful Yoni Puja ceremony within which all of the Dasha Mahavidya or Ten Wisdom Goddesses were awakened and activated within my Yoni, the Holy Grail. Shri Param then initiated a feast to celebrate this special occasion and cast a new birth chart to determine the life purpose of the Divine Mother Nageswari Amman in this body. On May 31st and June 1st Shri Param has consented to the request to make this opportunity available to sixteen other women only during a two day Yoni Healing workshop.

After nearly a month straight of Sound Healing with Shri Param in Italy and in Maine, kundalini experiences are a daily occurrence and while the energy pounded against a lifelong curve in my spine, the trembling and shaking it caused lead Shri Param to ban*humorous* me from the Sound Healing Circles happening here for a few days, to ensure my safety. After some beautiful and loving massage from other workshop participants and the onset of my moon blood, the energy finally shifted from shaking to unshakable, from sharp and exhausting to level, calm, solid, and expansive. To continue the activation of my nadis and the Divine Mother within this vessel, I asked Shri Param how I may offer the power of my blood and soul in a way that assists the other women to honor and acknowledge the Divine Mother within their own Yoni and Holy Grail.

The ensuing Yoni Puja brought each of us through a portal back into time, to a place 9,000 years ago where this ritual was a common practice for those who worshipped the Great Goddess as Mother of the Universe, embodied within each woman. With each ritual-invocation-mantra, and gesture of incense, bell, flowers, and oil lamp the presence of the Divine Mother permeated every cell and molecule in each being of this small temple room. As the soul inhabiting this body, I experienced “me” dissolve and merge with the infinite, expansive compassion, love and grace of the Divine Mother and witnessed the ritual in Her arms, even as She shared Her love through this miracle of flesh and bones we call the human body. The serpentine undulations of Mother Kali in Her form as Kundalini Devi flowed up my spine in waves and explosions of light, breath, and delight that far exceed any Earthly pleasure and my belly rippled like a cosmic beam of light drawing nectar from the primordial depths of a sweet water well. It was as though those worshipping the ultimate universal powers of Athi-Para-Shakti in the sacred vessel of this body experienced the ancient and sorely missed honoring of their own divine nectar. From the ecstatic void of time and space I witnessed amrita nectar seep slowly from within the depths of each woman present and fall onto the soft carpet in tears that ached to be free from the constriction of western programming and conditioning. The tears were sweet and the healing profoundly deep.

One woman, to whom I fondly refer as Lady Grace went home to spend time with her children last night and had an amazing experience with her seven year old daughter. While resting on the couch her hand extended over the armrest to touch several Barbie dolls placed on the lamp stand. They felt odd and as she turned to look and discover the cause, she noticed that her daughter had placed little baby dolls into the dress of the Barbies, making them pregnant. Then her daughter picked flowers and strew them around the house, not forgetting to sprinkle them on top of her mothers head. This delightful child clearly recognized the ancient Goddess worshipping energy that now increasingly emanates from her Divine Mother and caretaker, Lady Grace.

The beauty and Grace, Nurturing, Love, and Compassion that progressively radiates from the women here has caused more and more community members to come check out the Sound Healing Circles and meet their own inherent divinity. On May 31st & June 1st sixteen women have the opportunity to release the negative cellular memories and patterns caused by thousands of years of detrimental programming, and have their power center cleared, healed and activated in the Holiest of all Holy Goddess Rituals, Yoni Puja. We will share profoundly blissful and nurturing healing in Para Tan Sound Healing circles where the ascended Masters, gurus, angels, devas and higher beings join us to make the Sounds of the Universe and assist each one present to awaken to Christ Consciousness within and catalyze a worldwide return of Divine Love and Light.

May the Divine Mother’s Love Expand
Within Each of our Collectively Vibrating Cells
To dance in Blissful Union with Her Lord and God Shiva
And Awaken the Inherent Divinity Within Every Living Being on Earth,

Shri Nageswari


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