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supports women who want to explore Tantra, a path for self-empowerment. Tantra as practiced by Tantric seers of India

Discover the Network that supports
Spiritual Growth based on Para-Tan:
the Highest form of Tantra.

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Mother come the birth of the Dasha Mahavidya, the Tantra Goddess or Wisdom

Tantric Master Shri Param Eswaran, Father of Para-Tan, Sound

This site is dedicated to the teachings of The Father of Para-Tan and the Living Goddess Tradition Shri Param Eswaran, The teachings of Para-Tan was revealed to Him by Mother Kali. Para-Tan like the Tantra uses the sound of the Dasha Mahavidya also know as the Ten Wisdom Goddess.

Para-Tan like Tantra uses sound of the Goddess to unite the body, soul and mind, thus removing emotional pain, depression, and aloneness.

Sound is the essence of Tantra and the Dasha Mahavidya. Tantra is derived from the word “Mantra,” which refers to the science of mystic sound and vibration. Thus Tantra use sound as a tool to excess our higher knowledge and to set our lower knowledge aside, which is not to reject it altogether but to recognize its limited place.

Each of the Ten forms of Tantra Goddess represents a particular approach to self-realization, to knowledge of that within us which transcends time and transient identity.

For The Tantra Goddess sounds really to work, we must first surrender to the Divine Mother herself and gain her grace. It is her sound power, her Mantra Yoga Sakthi that does the work. We can be receptive to its current and experience its rhythms, and should not try to direct its flow, or interfere in its flow.

Year 2012 is going to bring a time of change, are you ready for it?

May 16th 2008 is the exact mid point between two extremely significant dates calculated by the Mayan Calendar, respectively the beginning and end of Night Five of the Galactic Underworld. Night Five marks a window in time where “changes on Earth will be the greatest ones of the last five thousand years, it is going to be very difficult, and you should prepare for this as much as possible now” (Handclow, 2007, pp. 175&177).

The following bold print descriptions are subject matters covered in Shri Param’s Para Tan Teachings. Beneath them you will find the changes I personally witnessed occurring.

Dissolve barriers to create deep spiritual intimacy and soul connection in your personal relationships (ex: partners, children, family)

I witnessed everyone sharing in the experience of divinity after and during each Sound Healing session.

I saw people affirming and reaffirming love for and connection with others.

People were overwhelmed with gratitude and melted into a love they never
previously experienced and did not know existed within.

Awaken and activate second chakra energy and transform it into Divine Communion with all that is, without sex nudity or intrusiveness.

I witnessed the gratitude, relief and exuberance of several women who had their Yoni energy revitalized after years of receiving no pleasure.

I personally reached another level of sharing blissful love with men and women and witnessed others expanding in the same capacity.

I witnessed in myself and felt from others incredibly blissful energy which was entirely grounded and non-sexual yet transcendent and perfect.

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